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Colosseum Specialisttandvård and Konekta: Future-Oriented Specialist Dentistry

About Colosseum Specialisttandvård

Colosseum Specialisttandvård is a leading player in Swedish dental care, offering a wide spectrum of specialist services. With a philosophy rooted in accessibility, rapid processing times, and high-quality care, they have established themselves as a reliable partner for both patients and referring dentists.

Colosseum's main focus is to provide fast and qualified specialist care without long waiting times. By prioritizing good communication and collaboration with referrers, they ensure a smooth and secure patient journey.

Integration of Konekta by Boneprox Services

To enhance their offering and optimize patient care, Colosseum Specialisttandvård has chosen to integrate Konekta by Boneprox into their operations. This integration includes:

  1. Teleradiology and Hospital Physicists: Colosseum Specialisttandvård uses Konekta and Boneprox services primarily to quickly refer and obtain consultations in radiology and radiation safety. This minimizes waiting times and facilitates Colosseum Specialisttandvård's dentists and referrers to provide efficient diagnoses and opinions with support from Konekta's team of dental radiologists and hospital physicists.

  2. Digital Courses for Continuous Competence Development: Continuous training and updating of skills are crucial in specialist dentistry. Through digital courses via Konekta, Colosseum Specialisttandvård's staff constantly stays updated with educational materials in radiology and radiation safety.

  3. Digital Referrals and Diagnostics With Konekta's digital platform, Colosseum Specialisttandvård streamlines the patient journey and ensures high-quality diagnostics and treatment, in line with their values and patient focus.

Benefits for Patients and Dentists

Through the collaboration with Konekta by Boneprox, Colosseum Specialisttandvård ensures that each patient receives the most tailored and effective care. This partnership also enables Colosseum to handle complex cases more effectively and offer their patients a higher standard of care.

The Future for Colosseum Specialisttandvård

The collaboration with Konekta by Boneprox is a clear example of how Colosseum Specialisttandvård continuously strives to be at the forefront of providing the best possible patient journey. By combining their expertise with innovative digital referral solutions and telediagnostics, they strengthen their position as a leading player in Swedish specialist dentistry. Colosseum Specialisttandvård :


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