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MyDentist chooses Konekta by Boneprox

MyDentist proudly selects Konekta as its digital specialist clinic partner, redefining patient-centered diagnostics. This all-encompassing agreement encompasses the use of Konekta and specialist consultations across all MyDentist clinics. MyDentist is dedicated to putting patients first by enhancing diagnostic efficiency. This forward-looking approach prioritizes patient well-being and satisfaction, ensuring that every clinic provides top-notch dental care.

"We are thrilled to collaborate with MyDentist and serve as their provider for competence development and quality assurance. We offer a complete and integrated solution that meets MyDentist's needs and demands for high quality. We look forward to this partnership to continue delivering the best possible care to patients."

Peder Remman, CEO Boneprox

Through this partnership, MyDentist gains access to the latest technology and expertise from Boneprox, enhancing competence development, quality assurance, and overall patient satisfaction.

"Konekta has been incredibly well-received by our practitioners, who now view it as an essential tool in their daily work. This further solidifies our position as an attractive employer."

Helen Ekbom COO MyDentist.

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