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The dental industry's leading platform for telediagnostics and communication

A digital specialist clinic that facilitates seamless collaboration between clinics, dentists, and specialists.

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1,000+ connected clinics

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Konekta by Boneprox is our digital platform where we offer the majority of our services. For example, you can send referral consultations to our specialists, communicate with other clinics, or simply access our technical solutions to streamline your clinic's daily operations.

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Refers to the technical features we offer, such as increasing efficiency in your referral management or communication in the clinical daily routine. All our technical products are built upon the Konekta platform

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Specialist network

Refers to the services we offer both on and outside the Konekta platform. This may include radiological management responsibilities or radiation physicists for clinics with CBCT or referral consultations with our affiliated specialists

A person standing in a CBCT machine

Radiology & Radiation Safety

With high expertise in radiology, radiation safety, and other dental fields, we currently offer physical courses in areas such as radiology, as well as digital courses through our platform, KonektED

How is Konekta used today?

Konekta is designed to offer advantages in all areas of dental care, whether you are a dentist, dental nurse, specialist, administrator, or recent graduate.

Private clinic

Private clinic

Daily access to a network of specialists ready to guide in complex cases, like having a specialist at the clinic every day.

Dental Chain

Dental Chain

A complete system for managing external referrals, efficient internal communication, and access to digital specialist guidance across all areas of dental care.



All services coordinated under one roof: physicists, radiologists, and a comprehensive referral system with prioritization options, which can be integrated directly onto the clinic's website.



As a specialist at Konekta, you provide access to your expertise to over 1000 clinics. You log in easily with 2FA and are taken directly to a waiting queue of analyses. We handle all administration and billing, so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Dental professionals

Dental professionals

Gain access to a network of colleagues and specialists for secure discussions about patient cases. Our platform significantly simplifies the referral management process, always focusing on the patient's needs.

Newly graduated

Newly graduated

Konekta gives you access to a digital mentor who can answer questions and assist with the challenges you encounter in your clinical daily life.

Our specialists

In addition to our network of over 1,000 clinics, we also have nearly 30 affiliated specialists in 13 different specialist fields who daily receive referral consultations to guide the clinic in their treatment and diagnostics

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Cinar Aziman
Maxillofacial radiology
Pelle Pettersson
Joel Bergqvist
Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and Throat - ENT)
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...and many more

What is Konekta?

Konekta is developed by Boneprox, which works to make dental and healthcare more efficient, with a focus on safety and security. We are a digital specialist clinic with over 1,000 clinics and specialists in 13 areas. The platform enables you to send digital consultation referrals and queries to our affiliated specialists, with swift responses.

Screenshot 2023-07-27 at
At Sundtandvården, we took a CBCT scan approximately 30 minutes after the patient arrived from the hospital. We sent the CBCT for evaluation through Konekta and promptly received practical advice and guidelines from your radiologist and ENT specialist. Furthermore, the patient is informed by us the day after, just under 24 hours later

Magnus Fritzell, Sundtandvården

Our customers

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