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Oris Dental: The Digital Patient Journey with Konekta by Boneprox

Oris Dental, one of Scandinavia's leading players in the dental care industry, has recently expanded its international collaboration with Boneprox. This agreement entails the implementation of Konekta by Boneprox and a range of digital services, which will increase the efficiency and safety of daily diagnostics.

Oris Dental's Expansion and Focus

Since its inception in 2016, Oris Dental has grown from six to 108 clinics and 9 laboratories in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. Central to their success has been having dentists in leading positions, ensuring that decisions are always made with a focus on the profession and the patient.

Innovation and Patient Focus
Dentist looking into camera

Oris Dental places great emphasis on continuously developing the patient journey, with the goal of offering "dental care on your terms." This collaboration with Boneprox is an example of their commitment to renew dental treatment both professionally, technologically, and humanely.

Boneprox Services as a Game-Changer
  • Konekta by Boneprox: With Konekta, it's easier, safer, and more efficient to analyze complex images and share referrals with a focus on the patient. Oris Dental's clinics also gain access to a wide range of specialists. This network allows for quick and efficient handling of complex cases.

  • Digital Specialist Services: Access to a wide range of dental specialists and medical physicists, ensuring rapid and quality-assured treatment.

  • Maxillofacial Radiologists + Medical Physicist: The collaboration includes access to specialists in dental radiology and medical physics, contributing to ensuring diagnostics and treatment planning with a focus on radiation protection and quality.

  • Efficiency in Daily Diagnostics: Innovative technology that ensures efficiency and patient safety in everyday diagnostics.

Oris Dental's collaboration with Boneprox represents not just a technological improvement, but also a commitment to continuous development and renewal for the benefit of patients. By integrating Boneprox's innovative solutions, Oris Dental is able to offer a more comprehensive and accurate diagnosis, while improving the efficiency of patient treatment.

At Boneprox, we are convinced that our collaboration with Oris Dental will set new standards in the industry and further strengthen our position as a leading provider of innovative dental services. We are grateful for the trust from Oris Dental and look forward to the many benefits this partnership will bring to both patients and dental professionals.

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