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"Patient flow" in Konekta

A unique and efficient way to manage, sort, and prioritize patients and referrals digitally.

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Interactive and efficient

Move and sort patients

Of course, you can choose which cases you want to add to the boards with the press of a button. You can search for incoming referrals, unread cases, your own cases, and the clinic's cases.


With the "Patient Flow" function, you can easily set up an efficient flow regarding the clinic's patient cases. With our "Drag-and-Drop" feature, you can move patients between the different boards depending on the status you want that specific case to have.


You can add boards, delete boards, rename them, and of course, move the boards around according to your needs. Perhaps you want to build a view based on specialist area? Priority order? The responsible person at the clinic? The choice is yours!

See how it works

The 'Patient Flow' function is a feature that allows you to organize and prioritize your patients in a dental practice. Think of it as a virtual board where you can see a list of your patients and their current status. See how "Patient Flow" works.

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