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AI-Dentify: Norwegian Research Council Invests in Groundbreaking Dental AI Technol

The dental care landscape is on the brink of transformation with the development of HUNT / AI-Dentify, a groundbreaking AI technology. Backed by the Norwegian Research Council and the "Innovationsprojekt i Näringslivet," the project "AI-Dentify" is set to revolutionize dental diagnostics and treatment. This ambitious research project is valued at over 21 million kronor. Boneprox has forged strategic partnerships with heavyweight institutions such as SINTEF and the Center for Oral Health Services and Research. Together, they are harnessing the power of AI to analyze radiographic images and identify oral diseases. The data for this endeavor is sourced from HUNT4 (Hälsoundersökningen i Trøndelag), and the project is slated to span approximately four years. Leading dentists and radiologists collaborate closely to ensure the practical application of the tool in clinical practice.

The new AI tool is poised to revolutionize dental healthcare by reducing time consumption, enhancing diagnostic precision, and contributing to a more efficient and sustainable dental care ecosystem.

"This represents an exciting development in the dental care sector, and we look forward to making progress and witnessing results in the time ahead."

Shreya Desai, Head of AI at Boneprox.

“There's no reason we shouldn't be at the forefront globally in AI analysis and dental health. We are proud and deeply grateful that the Norwegian Research Council shares our vision. Boneprox aims to bridge the healthcare sectors, positioning oral health as an integral part of overall well-being in the future."

Theodor Remman, co-founder at Boneprox


Man watching dental x-rays


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