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Boneprox Expand to Finland

Boneprox takes a significant stride with its service, Konekta, by establishing a presence in Finland. Having already established a strong foothold in Sweden and Norway, Boneprox is poised to broaden its reach by entering into agreements with seven new clinics in Finland. Konekta, a digital specialist clinic, is renowned for its 800 connected clinics and a network of 22 specialists across 12 different fields. The company's mission is to enhance the efficiency of dental and medical care while prioritizing safety and security.

Boneprox recognizes the tremendous potential in expanding its operations to Finland, where there is a growing demand for advanced technological solutions in dentistry. Through collaborations with these new clinics, Boneprox aims to provide its unique services to a wider customer base, solidifying its position as a leading player in the industry.

Konekta by Boneprox stands out as one of the most innovative dental solutions available today, and its introduction to Finland is set to significantly enhance the dental care landscape. By leveraging the latest technology and dental expertise, Konekta by Boneprox empowers dentists to deliver superior care to their patients while optimizing efficiency and productivity.

In a time when digitalization is more crucial than ever in the field of dentistry, it's inspiring to witness companies like Boneprox taking a leadership role in strengthening the industry. By establishing its presence in Finland and collaborating with clinics across the country, Boneprox continues to spearhead advancements in dental technology.

If you're a dentist in Finland seeking the latest technological solutions to enhance your practice, Konekta by Boneprox is a service worth exploring. We're confident that you'll be impressed by the high-quality and innovative solutions it offers to elevate your dental practice.


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