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Omdena's "66 Innovative Medical Companies to Watch in 2023"

Boneprox celebrates its inclusion in Omdena's exclusive list of "66 Innovative Medical Companies to Follow in 2023." This recognition underscores Boneprox's commitment to pioneering advancements in healthcare technology. Boneprox is at the forefront of innovation, making substantial investments in research and development, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. These efforts are directed towards improving and streamlining daily diagnostics, as well as connecting the fields of dentistry and healthcare. Boneprox's groundbreaking work involves identifying patients at risk of systemic diseases based on dental X-ray images. Boneprox's services and products facilitate secure and rapid communication within the dental and healthcare sectors. This empowers clinics, dentists, and physicians to enhance their efficiency in sending, receiving, analyzing, and diagnosing images and patients.

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